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I love to scrap and I love to stitch. I also love reading, eating and the odd glass of red wine! I only wish I had more time to do all the things I love. Most of my time is taken up looking after a couple of other things I love and they are my two gorgeous children Ben and Charlotte. They ARE gorgeous, I am not biased, I have been blessed with beautiful children which is a good thing because I have such wonderful subjects for my scrapbooking addiction.

I am married to Mark and we will celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary in July - we are just as happy now as when we first met. He would rather I didn't spend any money on scrapbooking or cross stitch stash but if I didn't do that I would be perfect and surely that would be really boring! Anyway, this blog is a sort of diary / gallery and I enjoy updating my blog for myself and my family but any visitors are welcome :o)

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We had such a great holiday that I don't think I can put it all into words! We went to the Seaview Haven at Weymouth and I have to say that it was worth every single penny. In fact, if I had more pennies I would go back again today!

On the first night Ben and Charlotte were chosen to go on stage for the kids gameshow and we spent all our time laughing our heads off. The kids were great and the compare was brilliant. The main compare there is called Lee and Charlotte took a real shine to him, she keeps saying that he is her boyfriend, ahhh first crush.

Charlotte and her new boyfriend - Ben watching

There were kids clubs everyday and they were making all things crafty most of the time so that suited Ben and Charlotte down to the ground. They made kites, spirals, pictures, postcards, hands on sticks and hats. The kids had so much to do that it was a little overwhelming. They saw a circus (twice) and took part in a circus workshop, there was a bouncy castle and pony rides, we saw caberet acts and pantomines, went swimming and used the flume hundreds of times. We spent time in the arcade and the kids loved the 2p machines. On the first day Mark won a cuddly toy from one of those grabber machines which is a feat in itself.

There was one afternoon where we went to watch the wrestling and Ben absolutely loved that, Ben was also called on stage to help out in the Mad Scientist show so he was beaming like a cheshire cat when he got his prize of funky glasses. Charlotte was called up to the stage one evening for a dancing competition and that was the highlight of the holiday. Although she didn't win (there was a 6 year old boy doing rock and roll and he was amazing) she was definitely the star of the show - she is so funny and her new boyfriend took a shine to her too (telling me the next day that she was gorgeous!) so she had a nice interview which went something like this:

Lee: Whats your name
Charlotte: Charlotte
Lee: How old are you?
Charlotte: 4
Lee: Where do you come from?
Charlotte: Yeah

lol - it was so funny. I am gutted that I didn't take my camcorder but I did get a little bit of video on my camera - it's not great quality but at least it is something.

If you have been to Haven you will know that they have their own characters, Ben and Charlotte liked Rory the Tiger and Anxious the Elephant best. Mark bought Charlotte a cuddly toy of Anxious which was bigger that her!! She had been particularly good that day and deserved a treat and she fell in love with this Anxious.

Anxious the Elephant

Rory the Tiger

On the Thursday night we bought a raffle ticket and we won the prize which was loads of kids stuff so Ben and Charlotte went on the stage to collect that and Ben got a Rory the Tiger which was brilliant because they both have their favourite character now.

Mark's mate Jim lives in Weymouth and he owns a fire engine which he has had converted into a limosine so we got a free trip in that one evening. Ben and Charlotte took turns in the front and they both had fireman helments and jackets on. Jim was playing the Fireman Sam theme tune at full blast and pulling the horn - just great. I don't think the kids know how lucky they are. You can hire out the fire engine and if you live near Weymouth you must do it - it's great.

Fireman Jim

Jim invited us all around one evening for a barbecue and he has a swimming pool in his garden so Ben and Charlotte had another great day there. I think they want to move in with Fireman Jim as Charlotte calls him.

Some afternoons the kids went to sleep for an hour or so and I did a bit of scrapping - yeah!!! Nothing I can share though because it is all for the next Craft, Life and Home Magazine.

Needless to say, we did loads more than this I just can't take it all in myself and will keep remembering things. I am going to do a mini book diary of the events so I need to sit down and think about what we did each day - I did start doing this whilst we are there so I need to get it done soon before I forget as I have some commissioned scrapping to do before I can do the mini book.

Since we have been back I have been visiting my sister over at Mum's as she is only over from South Africa until Wednesday. We are going to the cinema tonight to see Hairspray with Mum and my other sister Carol so I am looking forward to that.

Phew! What a week. I am just trying to sort out all the washing etc and settle back down to normality.

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