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I love to scrap and I love to stitch. I also love reading, eating and the odd glass of red wine! I only wish I had more time to do all the things I love. Most of my time is taken up looking after a couple of other things I love and they are my two gorgeous children Ben and Charlotte. They ARE gorgeous, I am not biased, I have been blessed with beautiful children which is a good thing because I have such wonderful subjects for my scrapbooking addiction.

I am married to Mark and we will celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary in July - we are just as happy now as when we first met. He would rather I didn't spend any money on scrapbooking or cross stitch stash but if I didn't do that I would be perfect and surely that would be really boring! Anyway, this blog is a sort of diary / gallery and I enjoy updating my blog for myself and my family but any visitors are welcome :o)

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I have had such a busy August. I popped up to see my Mum in Plymouth on Wednesday dropping my sister in law off at Callington on the way. It was lovely to see Mum (and look at all her new stash!) and the kids had a nice time playing with Nanny and Grandad. I stayed the night. I took Ben and Charlotte's ready beds which are in a bag and just blow up with the pillow and covers all attached. The beds are great, however, I had to share a room with them and everytime they moved in the night I woke up because it made such a noise. I drove back home yesterday and had a lovely nights sleep in my bed.
I woke up for the first time in a month without gunge in my eye. I have had an eye infection, the doctors are not sure that it was conjuctavitis because of how long it has taken to cure. They are still a bit sore but I think they are finally on the mend after I got some super duper cream from the doctor the other day, the drops just didn't work. I have to go to the doctors today if they are not better and be referred to an eye clinic but I think they are alright now :)
I do like having visitors but it is also lovely now to be sat here with the kids and doing whatever we like. I have just used all the veg in my organic veg box to make a stew / soup (I don't know which it is going to be yet). It is bubbling away nicely and smells gorgeous! I also made pancakes for lunch at the request of Ben and they lasted about two seconds lol. I am really enjoying my day just plodding around the house, getting stuff done and not having to entertain.
I have got to do some scrapping tonight as I need to do a CJ. I can't wait, I haven't been able to do anything lately and I am getting excited about putting the kids to bed and doing something REALLY fun!

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