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I love to scrap and I love to stitch. I also love reading, eating and the odd glass of red wine! I only wish I had more time to do all the things I love. Most of my time is taken up looking after a couple of other things I love and they are my two gorgeous children Ben and Charlotte. They ARE gorgeous, I am not biased, I have been blessed with beautiful children which is a good thing because I have such wonderful subjects for my scrapbooking addiction.

I am married to Mark and we will celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary in July - we are just as happy now as when we first met. He would rather I didn't spend any money on scrapbooking or cross stitch stash but if I didn't do that I would be perfect and surely that would be really boring! Anyway, this blog is a sort of diary / gallery and I enjoy updating my blog for myself and my family but any visitors are welcome :o)

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Didn't We Have a Lovely Time...

...the day we went to Cornwall!

We have had a lovely weekend! On Saturday it was a beautiful day in Plymouth and the kids just ran around the garden all day demanding ice pops and drinks.

Yesterday we went to Cornwall with Mum and Geoff and we did loads! First of all we went to Flambards and Ben and Charlotte had a great time. They played in the ball pool and then went on all the rides and looked at the animals. Mum and Geoff had never seen the Britain in the Blitz exhibit or the Victorian Village so we spent some time walking around that. It is amazing, if you have never been it is well worth a visit!

After we spent about 3 hours in Flambards we drove to Marazion. Mum was born in Marazion and grew up playing on the beach every day so it is a place very close to her heart. The weather wasn't great but it was quite warm and that didn't deter Ben and Charlotte from having fun on the beach. They are used to going on the beach in all weathers because they used to visit the beaches near us when we lived in Mullion come rain or come shine!

Ben and Charlotte loved the 'castle' in the water - otherwise known as St Michaels Mount.

They built sandcastles with grandad, we collected buckets of water from the sea (or ocean and Ben kept saying!), searched for creatures in rock pools, ate food, drank juice and played ball. It was fantastic.

We got back home quite late so they didn't get to bed until about 9pm! I caught Ben still playing with his gameboy under the covers at about 9.40pm and took it off him lol. I told him he was going to be very tired and sure enough he didn't want to get out of bed for school this morning! Now he knows how I feel.

I am so glad they had a good time and it was wonderful to spend so much quality time with Nanny and Grandad.

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