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I love to scrap and I love to stitch. I also love reading, eating and the odd glass of red wine! I only wish I had more time to do all the things I love. Most of my time is taken up looking after a couple of other things I love and they are my two gorgeous children Ben and Charlotte. They ARE gorgeous, I am not biased, I have been blessed with beautiful children which is a good thing because I have such wonderful subjects for my scrapbooking addiction.

I am married to Mark and we will celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary in July - we are just as happy now as when we first met. He would rather I didn't spend any money on scrapbooking or cross stitch stash but if I didn't do that I would be perfect and surely that would be really boring! Anyway, this blog is a sort of diary / gallery and I enjoy updating my blog for myself and my family but any visitors are welcome :o)

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Happy Birthday Mum

It is my Mum's birthday today, I won't reveal her age as she probably would not appreciate it. Anyway, I couldn't wait to go over and see her today (she lives just across the road) as I had made her a card and a mini book. I also made a gift bag to house the mini book out of matching papers.

She loved them which is what I was hoping but I always have a glimmer of self doubt when I create something - especially if it is for someone else!

Card for Mum

My mum loves Mary Englebreit so, as you can see, I created this ME inspired birthday card for her. The little maze book is full of photographs of my children and the tags have little notes on them detailing little things that the kids do and say at the moment. I thought it would be a lovely way to record those little things that we tend to forget over time. I have written how Charlotte wants to be a butterfly when she grows up and how Ben truly believes that he will be bitten by a red and blue spider and become Spiderman when he is bigger! As for the gift bag!! I didn't have a template and wanted it to be a particular size so I just guessed how it was made and whipped it up this morning.

Mum's Maze Book

I have been at Mum's most of the day which was lovely and awful in equal measures. Lovely because my sister, my nan and my auntie (who share's a birthday with Mum - but they are not twins) were there and it was great to see them. Awful because I have had a really bad headache all day. The headache is easing off now the kids have gone to bed - funny that :D

I had an email from Mark today :o) He said that his Mum (who lives in Alicante) has managed to get us a villa near her for two weeks in August! I am so excited about a summer holiday when he gets back, it will be great! Now where are those diet books?

Ben and Charlotte have got a healthy schools week this week so I have to write down everything they eat and any exercise that they are getting. I feel like a single parent at the moment with Mark away - don't they think I have enough to do / remember without this. I shouldn't complain, it is a great idea to get the kids interested in nutrition and exercise but to be honest Ben already is. He loves fruit (Sportacus has helped out there) and wants to drink milk all the time to make him strong. Wanting to be Spiderman when he grows up has really helped in this department and he would rather have good things than bad these days. Charlotte needs work however, she would eat sweets all day every day if she was allowed!

Back to scrapbooking. Have you been over to the Scrap In Style TV website / forums. You should go, it is great - I am fast becoming an addict! Also, if you have missed the launch of the One Little Word challenge blog go there right now! The first challenge is to scrap a layout based on the word 'Go'. This is my attempt:

My 'GO' Layout

The journaling reads:

"When Mark goes away - due to his work in the Royal Navy - I am strong! I think I cope incredibly well.

I can’t stand the wives who spend the entire time moaning that their other half is working away. You know the ones who make it sound like it is their husband’s choice to go, as if it is done to deliberately cause them distress, extra work with the kids and general loneliness. Surely they knew that their husband was working for the armed forces before they got married! What do they expect to happen when their loved one is drafted away from home?

I am not saying that it is a bed of roses, or that at times I don’t feel exactly the same way. I am just saying that the whole world does not want to hear this and that their husband does not deserve to shoulder the blame for their sadness. All of us in this situation have to suffer the same consequences of our husband’s profession and even if I don’t show it, inside I GO to pieces."

Well, I think that's it at the moment. Byeeee.

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