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I love to scrap and I love to stitch. I also love reading, eating and the odd glass of red wine! I only wish I had more time to do all the things I love. Most of my time is taken up looking after a couple of other things I love and they are my two gorgeous children Ben and Charlotte. They ARE gorgeous, I am not biased, I have been blessed with beautiful children which is a good thing because I have such wonderful subjects for my scrapbooking addiction.

I am married to Mark and we will celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary in July - we are just as happy now as when we first met. He would rather I didn't spend any money on scrapbooking or cross stitch stash but if I didn't do that I would be perfect and surely that would be really boring! Anyway, this blog is a sort of diary / gallery and I enjoy updating my blog for myself and my family but any visitors are welcome :o)

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What is the matter with them?

I am. of course, talking about Ben and Charlotte who seem to have developed some kind of Half Term Nutter illness, I haven't heard of it before but I seem to remember them suffering from it during the summer holidays!!

They are currently outside in the garden allowing me 2 minute bursts of peace in between smacking each other and kicking each other in the face resulting in much screaming.

On top of that next door decided to power wash the front of their house yesterday and the front door, step and wall of our house are now filthy. Today they are painting the front of their house and our door, wall and step are now covered in dots of cream paint!!

To top it ALL off Ben had been outside the back gate earlier going up and down the back lane on his scooter and he had forgotten to close the garden gate when he came back in; I just went out in the garden to hang out the washing and stood on a huge dog poo! Arggh, not only that, I have long trousers on and it went on my shoes, my trousers and some washing I dropped. I looked around and there was dog poo everywhere and I had to clean it all up!! I don't have a dog, this was not my mess. I am NOT a happy bunny.

Well, enough of that!

I haven't blogged for ages - where do the days go, I sure as hell don't know. It seems as soon as I get out of bed it is nearly time to get back in it and I haven't got much done! Friday was Mojoholder day and this week we scraplifted a beautiful layout by Fiona Beckman, actually, mine does not resemble Fiona's much but I did use the placement of her elements as a guide. The mojo girls have produced some goooooorgeous layouts so pop over and have a look. This was my version:

My Mum is on her hols at the moment, sunning herself in Tenerife and I miss having her across the road to go and have a coffee and chuck the kids in the garden when they are behaving like they are today. As I said, they are in our garden at the moment but we only have a little courtyard with a postage stamp of grass whereas at Mum's there is a driveway and a proper garden so the kids can have races and mess around on scooters and bikes.

My Mum is psychic! She just phoned me lol. I am happier now that I have had a moan to her :o) Carol, how could you be out when I tried to phone you earlier???

Mark and I had a fab night out on Saturday :) His mum babysat for us and we actually went out and had some fun on our own, it was great. We had a few too many drinks and a lovely Italian meal :o) I felt really nice for a change in my knitted (above the knee!!) dress and knee high boots :) I wish it didn't cost so much because it would be so lovely to have the chance to get dressed up and go out like that more often!

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